When will be notified with interview result?

Hey guys,

I was interviewing a BB firm's equity research department & waiting for the interview result. I wonder when I will know about the result? btw, I am located in Asia & I am from the target school.

They were recruiting a Research Associate because an RA is leaving soon.

Here's my interview process:

9/21 A headhunter called me if I'm interested in this position. Actually I am working in the Corporate Banking Division in a commercial bank.

9/24 He arranged an interview for me with the sell-side analyst.

10/2 Had a phone interview with the analyst. We are from the same university. He urges that this job is much much better than my job in commercial bank; even told me the salary. By the end of the interview, I asked to do a research on a company & have a presentation. After the interview, he sent me a message and said he liked my attitude and clear communication. He told me he got a marketing in the following week. (I didn't know how long his roadshow was...)

10/8 I sent him a msg to ask when I should present to him. He told me on 10/9.

10/10 He asked me to present on the phone. He said my presentation was good. Then he said he was going to the airport that afternoon. He'll discuss about it when he comes back...

10/16 After one week, I sent a email to the India headhunter; he told me he would call me in the evening but he didn't...

Now is 10/17... but I didn't hear from both... Am I denied or they were just too busy??!


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Oct 30, 2015 - 8:23am

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