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I haven't been on this site for too long but I have been here long enough to know that the presence of any people in HF's is almost non-existent. Right now time are tough for everyone and especially HF's (maybe not the HFT's) who are dealing non-stop with the stress that comes with holding a lot of money that could vanish at anytime. Even in these times of need, it would be nice for some hedge fund guys to show some love and give back (even though you don't owe us anything) a little bit of wisdom to those aspiring. Entitled millennial rant.....over Thank you for your time


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Sep 3, 2016 - 9:17am

I feel like a dick answering this way, but "it depends." Me personally, I'd be down for anything! I think people from unconventional backgrounds, who are 'less qualified' on paper (I firmly believe that the metrics used to judge entry-level hires are absolute fucking bullshit and mean nothing–think GPA, finance clubs, school, etc... since when does that determine who's gonna be a rockstar?! Guys use them because they're convenient, not because they are informative) are the ones who add the most value to process (and hopefully, ultimately, returns). Obviously, a candidate will need to somehow convince me that he/she is hard working and intelligent (both 100% necessary conditions), but beyond that, I frankly don't care if the person graduated high school. Granted, I talk a big game–I haven't ever hired someone like that, because the opportunity hasn't presented itself. But I like to think that if like an illegal immigrant or something approached me saying 'I didn't graduate high school and I have no formal qualifications, but I've been working full-time to support my family since I was 12 and also spending my nights at the library teaching myself math, econ, finance, etc. and I want to work at a hedge fund' I would hire that person on the spot and do what it takes to hew their raw potential into $$$. A person like this would bring such a unique perspective, that I say 'conventionality be damned'

If conversely you imagine a prototypical firm that embodies the height of conventionality, it would be filled with target grad's (HYPS/Wharton) who did 2-4 yr stints in BB IBD, then made the jump to the buy-side, and they sit around on their asses all day plugging away on models and reading the same news as the rest of their buddies in other, similar shops. They've never taken big risks in life. They have always had the mommy and daddy safety net to fall back on (not always true, but often is). They've been insulated since the moment they started college. Being conventional in all these ways all but guarantees that you will be subject to the perils of group-think. Group-think, as you might imagine, is a very bad thing at a HF! IMO, such a conventional personality belongs in PE or IBD... stay the fuck out of my HF ;)

Disclaimer: my opinions come off as strong takes, but I'm much better at talking the talk than walking the walk wrt hiring lol

Sep 3, 2016 - 6:18am

Both! Would be nice to have a separate thread where others can ask questions we all can learn from. I also have some specific questions that will probably be retarded and would like to pm :)

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Dec 4, 2016 - 1:23pm

This question is too broad... long/short? high frequency? exotic products? A good place for you to start might be a book called What Hedge Funds Really Do by Tucker Balch, a nice way to get your feet in the water

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