Where do "managed out" Pre-MBAs at MBB end up?

I have heard from multiple sources that about 80% of the starting classes at MBB get "managed out" at some point.

Does this usually happen 2-3 years in when the Business Analysts/Associates/Associate Consultants are about to apply for MBAs or at an earlier stage?

What kind of roles do they usually go into?


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Oct 22, 2012

80% sounds really high. 80% leave at some point perhaps but not all are managed out.

Oct 23, 2012

You may be right - I thought the 80% figure seemed high too. What do you think is a more realistic number? Thanks!

Oct 23, 2012

You may be right - I thought the 80% figure seemed high too. What do you think is a more realistic number? Thanks!

No idea. I wouldn't base anything on this number though. No point in knowing how shit you can be before they get rid of you. Just know the odds are not stacked against you and you should give it your best.

80% is way too high anyway. If it's that high, MBB has got pretty fail recruitment processes.

Oct 22, 2012

What does managed out mean? That they're put on shittier and shittier projects until they get the picture and leave?

Oct 23, 2012

80% is may be right for people leaving MBB at some point. Keep a few things in mind: with the exception of the pre-MBA to post-MBA positions, it's shaped like a pyramid by necessity. It's not that their recruitment fails; it's that it's designed this way. But it's unlikely that 80% are truly managed out. What you probably get are a combination of:
1. Actually (actively) managed out: people who are told they need to find a position elsewhere in the next few months
2. Sort of managed out: people who know (either implicitly or who have been told that they aren't on track to move up) they're going to get managed out if they stay, so they start looking for jobs elsewhere.
3. People who move elsewhere because it's time for them personally.

Being managed out of MBB isn't going to be a career killer. Each of MBB have huge alumni networks, career centers, etc. to help get you a job. It's not just because they're good guys. It's because they very much want their alumni in positions of power everywhere. That's not to mention the obvious headhunters that come sniffing, and clients that you've worked with that may want to employ you.

Yes, if you get managed out your salary is likely going down. But that's a choice most people will make at a certain point anyway. The difference between the 180k consulting job and the 110k industry job when you first get your MBA makes a pretty big difference in lifestyle. The difference between the 300k consulting job and the 200k industry job after you've been there for a number of years will probably have a less drastic effect, and it'll come with a lifestyle advantage.

Don't go out for consulting if you don't view your career as something that will need constant adaptation and upkeep from you.

Oct 23, 2012