Where to find data/multiples for non-EBITDA driven industries?

Mainly interested in NR multiples related to NAV, reserves, resources, production, etc, but also applies to industries like early stage tech, banks, etc. Are these multiples available on any databases(CapIQ, bloomberg, etc) or do you have to calculate it manually? If so, would appreciate some guidance on how to pull these figures.

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Mar 21, 2018


Mar 21, 2018

They are on CapIQ and probably Bloomberg too. On CapIQ, under Financials/Valuation section, there is a link for "Industry Specific" data, which includes margins, multiples, etc.

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Mar 21, 2018

Thanks, really helpful. However I noticed that it gives the data only for the company you're looking at, is there a way to get all the data for your comp set without grabbing each of them manually?

Mar 21, 2018

You can create a comp set on CapIQ and add any tickers you want. Once you have created the comp set, you can select what data you want to show and export to excel.

Mar 21, 2018