Where to get bond yields data (no bloomberg)

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Hi guys:

I'm curious where one can get relatively accurate/up-to-date bond yield data without a bloomberg please? In the past I've googled and found them on whichever website that came up, and wanted to check if there's a better way of doing it? thanks in advance

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Jan 1, 2019

just google it...you're welcome

Jan 2, 2019

thanks facelappingcompilation - i meant for corporate bond yield though, I've been able to find them on cbonds.com sporadically but was wondering if there are more consistent sources. thanks!

Jan 16, 2019

Search by Ticker if you know what company you are interested in.

You can basically find all bonds pretty much, except perhaps private placement issues which do not trade on the market.

Because the guys from FINRA are cool, you even have the yield of the transactions calculated, so enjoy! And there is some historical data in case you want to dig deeper.

Jan 17, 2019