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(Intro; you can skip if you don't care about what I have to say about myself):
I currently work in a Tier 1 IB bank as a Software Engineer, so I come from a similar yet different world than most of you here I assume. I make low six figures including bonus as a junior. I am married living happily and can afford most things that I want. Wife is also working in IB as a accountant. To put it safely, I have a happy "base" now and for the foreseeable future assuming Powell doesn't invert the yield curve in the next few years.

I went to a target school, got my job, and floored my GPA right after the return offer in junior year. I'm the kind of person who puts everything in if I see a vision in that direction, and 0% in something that I don't see benefiting me and my family. I scored in the 99th percentile in the old SAT (I reference it because I haven't taken GRE/GMAT), have terrible undergrad GPA (sub 3), and am thinking about the GMAT for MBA or GRE for MS... I figure if it's only 250 I might as well sac a day.

Moving forward...
My current job is super relaxed. I am learning things in the markets on my own (black sholes/sortino/sharpe... pricing, and long term monetary policy vs stock/bond market moves in general) and am wondering if working in ER is anything like what I expect it to be given my initial starting point... or if I will regret it.

Question is...
Should I move up in tech or move to ER or something like becoming a mortgage loan officer OR.. should I just ride it out in tech and get say, 200k base in 5 years with no more than 10% bonus. I also don't want to take equity in a company because I just dont care if the company falls or not so as long as I get paid in tech... in IB it's different. I hate tech; I have always hated tech. I faked every bit of passion in this field ever since 7th grade. I did it to get the job. I got the job. I get the promotions. Now is the time, for the first time in many years, that I am thinking about doing something other than waiting for my paychecks. Is it worth the switch to ER? Is this just a temporary thing that I am feeling? Should I just ride it out for a few more years in tech and retire somewhere in bumblefk Montana? What do you guys think? I am completely lost... and can use some input from you guys. I trust you on this.

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Sep 5, 2018