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where on my resume should I indicate that I'm a TA for Financial Accounting? I'm a sociology major and feel like this is a crucial part of indicating my interest in finance

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It should fall under the EDUCATION section, even though it's not part of the major. (It's still school-related but not really a "job." Research assistant, on the other hand, is an actual role.) However, if you don't have much experience on your resume, I suppose you can add it as a separate item under the EXPERIENCE category. But I would recommend that ONLY if you're desperate for an experience item.

Also, how much financial accounting did you get to pick up while serving as TA? Did you also happen to take the course itself? The reason I ask is, being a TA doesn't signal that much interest. People know TAs (not to be confused with graduate student instructors) basically do administrative work and exam proctoring but don't necessarily have anything to do with the subject matter.

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