Where to Intern Sophomore Summer in AM/ER?

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Hey guys, I am very interested in making it to AM as an associate and I was wondering what the best options to intern summer after sophomore year? I'm studying Finance & Accounting at a non-target school and I'm willing to intern in any area in or outside New York or Boston. Any tips on how/when to approach this would be greatly appreciated. Also, what should I be working on to boost my chances of achieving my goal in terms of books, extracurriculars, news, networking, or any other things. Thanks in advance.

United States - Northeast

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Dec 16, 2014

Look for AM firms or Hedge Funds that are either local or in your general area. A lot of these places love the cheap grunt-work that young undergrads provide, and most if not all of the partners at those places will have some connection at bigger AM firms. Even if it's a really small firm, the experience/what you learn matters more than anything. Getting AM on your resume is the biggest thing, where you do it is secondary.

Dec 16, 2014

Colobanker, can you name some of the firms you're speaking about around the new york/ new jersey area?

Dec 21, 2014