Where to target down the road? Harvard Wharton?

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~3.8, Magna Cum Laude: Double in Finance, Accounting
School is decent state school, probably around ~60 in US News with undergraduate business school ranking around 20.
GMAT: 740

I will be working in a commercial banking role at a "super-regional", specifically focused on real estate.

Additionally, I will be serving as a director for a family non-profit.

In addition, I plan on getting involved with at least 1 other community service or non profit ancillary activities to help demonstrate my leadership abilities.

My question is, 3 or 4 years out, where will I have a chance with this commercial banking background? My dream is Harvard or Wharton, but are these out of reach? How about Chicago/MIT/Columbia?


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Sep 29, 2009

This might be the most useless question I've ever read. If I say HWS, will that cue you to go and suck the AdCom's dick? If I say no, will you refuse to swallow after the BJ?

Sep 29, 2009

We should have a function on this site for experienced users to vote down a thread until it is deleted. For times like these.

Sep 29, 2009

Sorry, by vote down, I mean throw monkey feces.

Oct 1, 2009


Obviously, there are many variables but your stats (740, 3.8) are above the averages at H/S/W. Working at a commercial bank will not preclude you (admits come from a diverse background of careers, schools, countries, etc.) I would find something that you are passionate about outside of work (i.e. coaching youth sports, volunteering for a local org., etc.)to demonstrate that you are well-rounded and excel in team/leadership activities.

With a convincing story, there is no reason why you are not more competitive than the clowns above, whose posts were much more useless than yours.

Oct 1, 2009

Very good post.

Oct 1, 2009