Which career path to pick - Business Development or Corporate Finance?

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Hey guys! I desperately need of your knowledgeable opinions!

Which career path should I pick? Today, I'll be completing my 3 month internship program from a renowned financial advisory firm (they wanna hire me). They made me rotate among various departments so I can get acquainted with the important responsibilities each function upholds (Business Dev, Corporate Finance, Audit & Assurance, HR, etc.). I really enjoyed Business Development as it seemed to fit with my personality (I love networking, engaging with clients, attending meetings and formal events, etc) but I also found Corporate Finance (M&A, project financing, due diligence, etc) to be very useful towards my long-term future prospects (I want to start my own investment management/consulting firm in about 5-7 years time -- in East Africa where I reside). I have basic Accounting and Finance knowledge stemming from undergrad (majored in Business Admin) although I should begin studying next month to earn the ACCA certification in the near future. Hence, which function should I pick? I am left with one day to make the decision, and in this particular firm, the two disciplines have completely different departments where almost no task overlaps between the two. It's either or.

Thank you so much as I'd highly appreciate your comprehensive insight on both disciplines and which one can possibly seem to suit my needs better.

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Jul 30, 2018

at this stage of your career, i'd focus on getting technical skills. easier to transition from M&A to BD than BD to M&A.

Jul 31, 2018