Which finance positions(jobs) doesn't require you to have a license?

You guys know that all these finance positions requires you to have a license like the Series or CPA etc. But which finance positions do NOT require a license?

Another question, can one legally work as a financial analyst without having a CFA? Thanks

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Oct 13, 2017

The answer to your second question is yes absolutely. Yes, being a teller does not require a license. I don't know if any finance jobs exist without requiring some sort of credential. Even your local chase retail banker needs a series 6.

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Oct 17, 2017

Entry level operations jobs at major asset managers require no license. But you will be stuck at that level if you don't get a license. Expect to be stuck around the 40k-55k mark if you don't get a license or other designation. You can even stay in Ops and make good money (over70k) but those position will require licensing

Oct 17, 2017