Which firms do lateral hires for entry-level positions now?

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Hi, does anyone know which strategy/management consulting firms do lateral hires for entry-level positions now?
I graduated from college last year and want to pivot to consulting. Recently found a McKinsey job posting for business analyst positions that allow people with up to 3 years of experience to apply, although I originally thought these entry-level positions happened only through college recruiting cycle (which has ended for the 2020 incoming class). Perhaps there are other firms that do lateral hires as well? Do lateral hires (for entry-level positions) join the firm immediately upon acceptance or do they have to wait for the next incoming class of analysts? More importantly, for these positions (especially at top firms), do they actually look at applications submitted online, or do I need to have an inside connection to get my resume even looked at?
I'm not exactly a lateral hire type of candidate, since I don't already work in consulting. How does that impact my chances? What do firms look for in a lateral hire/recent grad (as opposed to college students) for the same entry-level position? Thanks!

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Apr 3, 2020