Which job should I take? - Two firms

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I have two internship offers. one is from a firm that searches and evaluates companies for private equity firms to acquire. it is smaller and i feel like i would get along with everyone there very well.

the other is a firm that advises large capital groups, like sovereign wealth funds, on which private equity group their should invest in. The firm is has grown tremendously over the past year and looks like it is very successful.

i feel like the second firm is the obvious choice, but i noticed at the smaller firm the directors are probably around 30. so maybe there is huge advancement opportunities?

i dunno what do you guys think? 2nd one the way to go?

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Oct 6, 2010

Is the first one Blackmore Partners? If so, there's been threads about them here. If I remember correctly, the internship sucks (no analytical work).

May 31, 2011