Which jobs have 40-50 hrs per week and what would salary look like at the 10 year mark?

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Just started my masters in stat and planning on going down the actuarial route. I went to an Ivy but due to some life/health issues my gpa's terrible. The masters and my post bac work is all I can do at this point. I spent some time ironing out those issues, and now I'm back on track to consider my career questions. I like everything that the actuarial career has to offer: low hours 40-50, 6 figures, ability to remote work later on, and not being on call after work ends.

While I did unrelated jobs not leading to any particular career, meanwhile, my peers from college have gone the finance/consulting ->mba->finance/corporate, think tanks->corporate, and law school. A common thing is that everyone switches to a role with lesser hours and travel later. I don't mind working harder for a while to have easier hours later, but I can't imagine regularly working 60-70-80 hours until I retire. Am I making a huge mistake by choosing easy so early on and not considering anything with more hours? I'm approaching 30 so the time to make sacrifices is now. I'm torn between wanting to challenge myself and conversely, I'd like to be comfortable and the lifestyle sounds good enough. From the surveys, I'm gathering that actuaries 10 years into their careers cap out at around 200k.

I've been doing research and read similar WSO threads but wanted to post this in case any career info has changed over the years. Any additional information is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
1) If I decide not to go down the actuarial route, what are some suitable career moves I can make with a stats degree and no experience? I'm open to getting an mba later, but what are careers are worth pursuing given the hours constraint? What kind of corporate roles or other jobs have these hours with similar or more pay to actuaries?
2) If I do go down that route, but want to get out of the field, what can I do with a stats degree and actuarial experience?
3) How about career options to an actuarial related field?

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Aug 10, 2019

don't really know about pay because I haven't reach the ten year mark yet, but AM and PB are pretty good hours-wise


Aug 10, 2019
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