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I am an undergraduate student of Finance with GPA 3.54. I want to do a master in quantitative finance/financial engineering.I have done in my studies linear algebra, statistics, probabilities, econometrics, time-series, stochastic calculus,2 courses in computational finance with MATLAB.Also I did an online course in JAVA from my university(140 hours duration) and I am finishing the financial engineering online program of Columbia in Coursera.My score in GMAT is 710 (50Q, 35V).But I know that quant masters prefer students from mathematics departments or physics or electrical engineering.I have an internship in a brokerage firm in the department of derivatives(not so quantitative).As for my goal in job industry I would like to do algorithmic trading,work in HFT, generally in front office positions in Hedge funds or investment banking.
Now I am looking for master programs .So I need your help.

Imperial College London RMFE: high-ranked university,very good placement rate,good position but it doesn't seems so quantitative and most of the graduates go for risk management positions

LSE Fin Maths: high-ranked,very good placement,good position but I have read that is very theoretical program.Also it is very difficult to get in as it takes only 25 applicants.

UCL Computational Finace: it focuses more on programming(something that I want) but on the website I can't find information about placement statistics.Somewhere I read that it has a good placement rate(95%).

Warwick Fin Maths:good ranking but it has not so good reputation as other programs of this University.Also it is outside London.

Bocconi Quantitative Finance and Risk Management: lower tuition fees than UK universities but 70% of the graduates go in risk management positions.Also, it has not big reputation.

Bocconi Finance:very good reputation but it is a Finance program(not quantitative) and in the first year it looks like a repetition of my undergraduate studies.

ETH Quantitative Finance: very good reputation,high-ranked uni but many people say that without knowledge of French or German it is difficult to work in Switzerland.Also it is very difficult to get in.

EPFL FE: focuses on the programming(from what I understood from the curriculum), but the same problem as ETH.Also not so good reputation.

I am very confused so need some help in order to find the suitable programs in Europe which will help me to find a job in high frequency trading(or in quant research at first stage) in Europe.I would like your opinion about the programs mentioned but if you know other programs I have no problem to discuss.

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Aug 30, 2019