Which Masters to pick

Hello friends, 

I have recently delved into some thought concerning my future studies and work opportunities. 

About me:

2:1 undergrad from German university (pretty bad 2:1 tho should be a 3.3 gpa or so)

GMAT 740 

Toefl 110

Audit internship at big4 with plans to do an M&A one after either at small boutique or at the same big4 both in germany

would love to begin my working career in london IB tho 

My thoughts would be:

Frankfurt school of finance masters in finance 

  • admission should be easy, grades too but seems pretty locked on german IB then 


  • same as frankfrut for admission and grades, opportunity to live in London and maybe gain an SA there, would be two years so I could squeeze in 1 or 2 internships along the way, not that known in germany tho 


  • dunno about admissions for the msc finance, acc&val should propably work also 2 years, great city but dont know about the placement in london


  • just recently came across that as an option due to the GMAT, great brand and location and placement, however would have to be able to get a summer internship without any new grades and just my undergrad profile + LBS brand and I dont know how great my chances are for that given my low work exp


  • dont know about admissions for that one too, seems like an interesting programe with the option of doing finance in year 2, however dont know any french and it seems to be a bit off 

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Oct 13, 2021 - 1:32pm

To be honest, I would not go for ESCP as it is not as known as the others (also in Germany; as they do not have an MBA). Try HEC as it is also two years long (aka allowing extra internships) and it has a stronger reputation. If not try SSE (has strong ties with London). 

Apart from your rather low GPA, you have rather strong credentials. Try LBS, LSE, HEC and SSE. With some luck.... ;) 

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Oct 14, 2021 - 10:34am

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