Which of the following can I best leverage for FT recruiting or for MBA?

Hi all, so I have two summer internship offers from recruiting this fall:

-Cardinal Health, IT intern (role and location tbd, but location is likely to be Dublin, OH)

-Grainger, Enterprise Systems Intern (Developer, Chicago or Lake Forest, IL)

Which offer would better help me out in FT recruiting for consulting jobs? Which opportunity, if I were to translate it to full-time from internship, would better help me get into a top MBA program? Thank you in advance for the help.

Some thoughts and considerations I had:
-Grainger's location is better (Chicago >>> Dublin)
-Grainger's pay for this internship is better (but Chicago may be more expensive than Dublin, idk)
-Cardinal Health seems to be more well-known than Grainger (is it more prestigious?)
-The developer role at Grainger is rather attractive - the role I will have within IT at Cardinal Health is unknown, but they will place me based on preferences and qualifications
-Some of the projects Cardinal Health was working on within IT that they described to me were really awesome, the same thing for Grainger, but to a bit of a lesser extent

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Oct 23, 2017


Oct 24, 2017

Are you at a target?

Being in Chicago might make it possible to do some networking with Chicago-based consultants on Fridays during the summer.

Oct 26, 2017

I go to school at the University of Michigan.

Oct 26, 2017

Perfect, there must be a ton of UM consultants based in Chicago.

Did you go through the consulting recruiting process for this summer? How far did you get?

Oct 26, 2017