Which one: VC (Venture Capital) or PF (Prime Finance) - Exit Ops?

Hi WSO fam,

This is my first post - even though I've been reading these forums for a while now. So hello, and thank you to everyone for all the incredible insight provided on these pages.

I have two job opportunities lined up - one in VC/Growth Equity and one in Prime Finance:

1) A client service role in the Equity and Fixed Income Prime Finance department of a top 10 BB
2) A analyst position at VC/Growth Equity startup

The client service role will give me an opportunity to work in a BB's investment banking division, give me exposure to the traders and institutional clients, and will give me an AVP or VP title. The work will most definitely pay more. BUT i'll just be servicing clients, will be doing little analysis, and will mostly be processing transactions, dealing with breaks/settlements, etc.

The VC/Growth Equity role will most definitely pay less, but the VC role will give me opportunity to actually do what I love - analyze investments, review financial statements, perform modeling, and assist in the investment decision making process and the project management of the deals.

I have made it to the 2nd stage of interviews for both, so I definitely have not been extended an offer yet for either, but am weighing both options and wanted to get insight on the following:

1) Which position do you think has better exit ops?
2) Which position do you think will generate better comp in the long term?
3) Which position can I leverage easier to get into PE or IB better?
4) Does this Prime Finance position have any chance of turning into an institutional S&T position (note that the one of managers that interviewed me used to be a trader... not sure why they made the switch from US
4) If I am offered, should I take the job that I'll be passionate about for less pay? Or do I take the job that I won't be as passionate about for the better comp and title?

Thank you for your time and insight.

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