Which Path? Help

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I am certain that I want to be in private equity in the future. Now, I understand that there are multiple routes of acheiving this, but some are better than others.

Year: Rising senior
Institution: UC Berkeley
Major: Statistics
Internship: start-up company as a quantitative analyst building models

My GPA will be on a lower end of the spectrum when I apply FT at 3.4. What is the most feasible option?

  1. Get a job at a small IBD after graduation --> small LBO or MBA
  2. a mid-tier consulting firm with a concentration of projects in the financial industry
  3. other types of financial firms (please specify) --> MBA --> PE
  4. Corporate job --> MBA --> PE or industry exp. then PE

In the case that I decide to stay an extra semester here in order to obtain an additional summer internship, what type of internships should I focus on?

I am aware that I am far behind many other individuals competing for the same type of positions. However, I was a pre-med student who learned about these exciting opportunities only later in the undergraduate career. So folks, please help me out. Thanks.