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I am an undergraduate student of Finance with GPA 3.54. I want to do a master in quantitative finance/financial engineering/computational finance because I love maths and in my undergraduate studies I didn't have the opportunity to study maths in depth.I took of course all quantitative courses I could(linear algebra,statistics,probabilities,econometrics,time-series,stochastic calculus,2 courses in computational finance with MATLAB) and my grades in these courses are above my GPA.Also I did an online course in JAVA from my university(140 hours duration) so I have programming knowledge and I am finishing the financial engineering online program of Columbia in Coursera.My score in GMAT is 710 (50Q, 35V).But I know that quant masters prefer students from mathematics departments or physics or electrical engineering and understand of course why it's happening.As for my goal in job industry I would like to do algorithmic trading,work in HFT, generally in front office positions in Hedge funds or investment banking.From what i know the most important skill for this position is programming knowledge(especially C++) so I should focus on it.Maybe this job is not feasible immediately after my graduation from the master and one good choice would be to work as a quant researcher.
Now I am looking for master programs and I cannot end up in a program because for each program I read something negative on the Internet.So I need your help.Firstly, I wanted to study in USA(it was my dream) but I can't afford 100k $ tuition fees and I am not willing to borrow this amount of money.But, maybe in the future I try to go there for a job.So,my options are in Europe. My first choices were the Risk Management and Financial Engineering master in Imperial College London and the Financial Mathematics master in LSE(I have rejected Oxford Computational finance program because I have no hope to enter).Something that makes me sceptical about Imperial is that it doesn't seems so quantitative according to some people and most of the graduates go for risk management positions.As for LSE I have read that is very theoretical program(also very difficult to get in as it takes only 25 applicants).A good choice is the Computational Finace program in UCL.It focuses more on programming but on the website I can't find information about placement statistics.Somewhere I read that it has a good placement rate(95%).Also,from UK another good program is Financial Mathematics from Warwick although someone told me that it has not so good reputation as other programs of this University.
I decided to look for programs in other places in Europe and found the Bocconi in Italy.It has a master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management with lower tuition fees than UK universities but 70% of the graduates go in risk management positions.Also, it has not big reputation as all know that the famous program of Bocconi is the master in Finance.For this master, I have my doubts because it is a Finance program(not quantitative) and in the first year it looks like a repetition of my undergraduate studies.
Another choice is Switzerland. ETH Quantitative Finance master seems very attractive(also very difficult to get in) but there are two problems.First, many people say that without knowledge of French or German it is difficult to work in Switzerland(from the other hand I would like to study in Switzerland and go for work in UK or elsewhere so it is not so big problem) and second I don't think that life in Switzerland is what exactly I want(a little bit boring).The same problems for EPFL but this program focuses on the programming(from what I understood from the curriculum) something very good for me.
Of course there are other programs like EISTI Quantitative Finance and Risk Management in France or Amsterdam Stochastics and Financial Mathematics,etc
I am very confused so need some help in order to find the suitable programs in Europe which will help me to find a job in high frequency trading(or in quant research at first stage) in Europe or USA.I would like your opinion about the programs mentioned but if you know other programs I have no problem to discuss.

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Aug 29, 2019