Which Rotation Should I Start In: Fixed Income or Equity

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Hello all!

Lomg time reader first time poster. After doing my MBA and level 1 CFA I was lucky enough to land a position at a Canadian Banks in Sales & Trading as a rotational associate. I was asked, "do i have a preference, fixed income or equity?" and would like some feedback. I initially was leaning towards equity as I have heard/read the culture is a bit different and like the idea of clients being hedge/mutual fund managers for exit opportunities down the road to the buy side. On the other hand, i feel i may learn alot more in FI? It is a rotational program so I may get the chance to do both, but typically where you begin your initial rotations is where you land.....also interested in upside comp potential and future of each role (have heard from a few harder to make money in cash equities these days due to elcectornic trading)......would be interested in perspective of both sales and trading.