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I'm currently confused about which schools to go to. I searched the web far and wide but can't get a good answer for my particular situation.

My story: I'm looking to go to a great business school, My goal is to go into Management consulting and investment banking.
While in school I'll be working as a Commercial real estate broker at CBRE - For roughly 3-4yrs.
I'm looking to choose between the following:

Schulich - My main choice until recently, where everyone is saying to go to Ivey instead. Is it even worth it going to Ivey? As my work is in Toronto
- Has been ranked pretty high recently.

Rotman - My 2nd choice because it's in the heart of Toronto.

UofT Scarbrough campus - For the Co-Op option.

Ivey HBA - My last choice because of its location relative to my work.

Would like some feedback. Thanks

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Feb 14, 2020