Why are law types snobbier than finance types these days?

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The stereotype, which I'm guessing originated before my time, had the finance guy as a huge, always on the phone shouting, mercedes with the roof down driving, bespoke clothing wearing, machiavellian prick.

There are definitely a lot of pricks around here, but honestly most of them are quite bearable. And their prickishness usually comes from just being loud and boisterous, rather than actually having any malice.

However the stories I've heard from law firms, the backstabbing, the scheming, the lying, the judging. The snobbery is apparently especially bad, but people in high finance generally out earn those working in law and yet this problem doesn't really seem to exist here. The law students back at uni did seem to be more up themselves than your standard student though, so I suppose that way of thinking just continues on into the workplace.

Why though?

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Apr 4, 2019


Apr 4, 2019

law ****s are angry that they weren't tall enough to break into finance

Apr 4, 2019

what were you censoring? i have to ask

Apr 4, 2019

I was censoring ****

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Apr 4, 2019

i hate you

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Apr 4, 2019

Law is closer to some of the more pretentious subjects there are - philosophy, politics. These are also people who are basically taught to argue and "reason," so you have a bunch of young people with huge heads who think they're gentlemen and scholars because they have a JD

Apr 4, 2019

I agree that there is a large population of politics and philosophy majors who are completely pretentious about their intellectual capacity to supposedly "reason" without having any original thoughts.
For every original thinker who developed their own theses and backed it up with substantial evidence that has a real-world implication, there are hundreds of Johns and Janes who would rehash Socrates, Plato, and the likes to try and fail to justify their sad attempt to justify the superiority of having a contemplative lifestyle. The only benefit of studying the classics is the ability to develop the ability to read and write decently. Started out wanting to study law; after a year of spending time with these morons, finance is definitely a better choice.

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Apr 4, 2019