Why Can't I Freakin Get A Job?- Is it me or the job market?

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only posting here because I love the complete honesty of the responses that these forums provide.

i went from trade support (middle office role) at a BB to a start up trading firm/hedge fund so that I could get out of Operations. i initially came in as a junior trader (a prop shop feel), then i chose to move into an analyst role. i learned a lot about the markets so no matter what people say i do not regret making this move over from a BB.

the issue is that my current start up firm is so unprofessional. they claim they are a hedge fund but they definitely don't operate like one. to be honest, it's actually a start up internet company that provides financial content. they operate as more of a trading firm so there is no real room for an analyst here. i have to teach myself everything (took IBI's financial modeling course) and my analysis isn't used by the firm for investment strategies- my work is simply to add content to our site.

long story short, i want to/should get out of here as soon as i land another job that i want. would like feedback on: 1) how much time/effort am i wasting by being at my start up internet/trading firm as an analyst 2) where can i go from here? i've been actively looking for junior analyst jobs (IB, research) for roughly a year. how come i can't get anything? wtf, i went to an ivy league with an acceptable gpa and degree in engineering.