Why do some jobs only want recent college grads but refuse to hire anyone with 2+ years of experience?

Why do some jobs I see posted only hire recent college graduates and also say that they won't hire anyone with 1-3+ years experience? That doesn't make any sense to me unless they are looking for a gullible candidate to take advantage of.

Whats makes a recent graduate with no experience candidate better than one with years of experience?

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Comments (2)

Feb 17, 2018

Auto screener. This somewhat makes sense. If you have 1-3 years of relevant exp, why do you want to join this entry level position instead of going for other jobs that are 1 step up (unless of course your current position sucks). But there's a reason why you didn't get into a relevant job in the first place. Not saying this is a good way to do things, but this is more efficient. There are plenty of people in ops and many that make it out of ops that are very capable and intelligent people. But that's not the majority from my experience.

However, this is usually only the case for structured programs. They usually say something like "graduating between December 2017 and May 2018".

They might be trying to sucker you if it's a small unknown company. Usually postings for entry level at small companies should be like "0-2 years relevant experience" type of postings.

TLDR: HR wants to do less work, and who can blame them.

Feb 17, 2018