Why Sales?

This question is for those who work on a sales desk, or may be able to offer some insight...

It's no secret that PWM isn't exactly seen as the gold standard by a lot of people in the financial services.
Maybe because it's not hard to get into, doesn't require a lot of research, and isn't where all the Ivys flock - or all of the above.

However, for those guys working on a sales desks, is there that big of a difference? From what I've heard about the sales side of S&T, you have to build a book, make cold calls, and entertain clients. Essentially, it sounds like advisory for institutional clients and qualified investors. Also, I think it's important to note that I am not trying to knock sales or PWM, I respect anyone who's able to do well in their respective careers.

With that said, why not just utilize your sales skills in Texas, or some random spot to build your own book with a lower cost of living and similar earnings?

I'm asking this question to pick your brains, not to offend! I'm still in college and when I have questions like these I just seek some insight.

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Jul 1, 2019