Why Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Harvard and UCB are overrated. Also why Dartmouth, Wharton, Oxbridge, LSE, Yale and USC are underrated.

My perception of each one:

Princeton - Shut the fuck up, you couldn't make the Yale rowing team and you were a glutton, hence Princeton and their shitty ass eating clubs. Also most likely people to say they went to "HYP" when the acronym should be "WHYD".

Stanford - You either enjoy being surrounded by FOBs in STEM, or you were too much of a pussy to handle real weather and go to a better institution. Your school was literally founded 4 generations ago in the most barren area of what was the Wild West. Shut the fuck up and take a backseat to the Oxford grad who went to a university founded before the fall of Rome.

MIT - You have zero relevant alumni and no placement in any industry. What the fuck do graduates from this shithole do? Also only famous for STEM. 

Columbia - You're literally in NYC and yet I see nobody from your school in my industry. Mediocre at everything, FOB hotspot because of the location. Same general "tier" as UPenn and better geographical location but places 1/5th of the kids.

Harvard - Too unoriginal and unable to think for yourself to go to any other university? Also probably couldn't get into Yale.

UCB - You couldn't get into a private school and had to rely on living in California to go to a recognizable university. You also didn't get into USC, so instead of fucking mad broads at USC in middle of LA, you're surrounded by Asians in Palo Alto wishing you never heard of FAANG.

Dartmouth - Absolute chad who plays lacrosse or some equally WASPy sport. Came to Dartmouth to fuck and sexually assault broads in a frat and play sports on dad's dime. 

Wharton - Absolute hardo, practically whomst MD. Came from the same school as a president who managed to break into the White House with zero relevant experience. Fucking legend.

Oxford - Went to a school that was used as the king's court during the War of the Roses, founded before the fall of Rome. Probably went to Eton, all your classmates are now heads of states around the world or Nobel laureates.

Cambridge - Absolute units of founders, trodded across the country to some swamp to start their own university because they didn't like their own one. School alone literally has more Nobel prizes than all the countries except 2. Probably studied Land Economy because it was the closest thing to finance and you could breeze through it while fucking mad broads studying Music.

LSE - European equivalent of Wharton, absolute hardos. Your alumni literally flooded the world at every bank. These chads probably go out and drink the equivalent of a barrel in liquor in the middle of London every weekend and still passed with a 1:1. 

Yale - You came from the most fucking recognized and renowned university in the country. Absolutely dominant, probably got in because you were the only kid whose parents were rich enough to make them practice rowing since age 8 for the sole purpose of getting into Yale. Also absolute hardo because New Haven is more dangerous than Chicago. 

USC - You didn't want to go to UCLA because of the number of athletes there who are mostly of a certain skin color and were smart enough to get into USC. Fucks mad sorority broads and rando sluts around LA. Smart enough to go to the best busines school that had good weather, hot broads and a campus that doesn't look like some massive Taco Bell like Stanford.

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