Will doing an Off-Cycle internship in BB boost my chance for 2022 BB SA roles

Hi all,

A brief background about myself. I am currently in a double degree program for Masters( Finance &  a STEM major) in a top Asia University and an Ivy league University. Will be travelling to the US this coming fall to study in the Ivy league university. Currently, I am doing an off-cycle internship(Sales & trading) in a BB in Asia.

1)I am wondering if my experience in a BB will significantly boost my chance of getting into SA program in a  BB in the US or should i just apply back to Asia which I feel is as competitive since the openings are much lesser than those in North America. 

2)With my background as mentioned above, how will BB view my application for their Investment Banking or Sales & Trading SA roles? 

3)What can I do to boost my chances for a role in BB SA programs?

4) Do i have a higher chance of breaking into MM banks SA programs?

Thans you:)

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  • Prospect in Research - Other
Jul 10, 2021 - 1:13pm

No, having prior relevant experience in the exact industry you're targeting will not help you recruit for roles in the aforementioned industry. Sorry. 

  • Business School in IB - Gen
Jul 10, 2021 - 2:20pm

Nam optio non repellendus eos magni facere. In et aspernatur et ea dolorum.

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