Will Duke give me any opportunities at buy-side roles?

I just finished my college application process, and I have narrowed it down to 3: UMich Ross, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon. I'm still not sure whether I would like to get to buy-side as soon as possible, whether it be as a quant role or getting into PE (which i know is basically impossible from my schools). which is the best possible route to do so? sorry this is like multiple questions in one post lmao

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  • Analyst 2 in IB - Gen
Apr 7, 2021 - 12:50pm

Places that have taken Michigan kids as interns or ft in the last year include Ares, KKR, Insight, Apax, Bain Cap, Oaktree, Vista, Point72, Citadel and more. Duke will give you similar looks in the fundamental space as well. If you're thinking about quant stuff, CMU has a little better name in CS, but tbh Michigan Engineering and Duke CS are all top notch programs as well -- you'll get looks at all the quant funds and prop trading shops that recruit out of undergrad. If you're thinking about fundamental finance, I'd got whichever is cheaper between michigan and duke -- you can also weight in stuff like sports / culture (Michigan) vs marginal prestige of a higher regarded private school (Duke). If you're sure you want to do quant finance I would lean CMU unless you care a lot about culture, sports, and having fun in a college town.

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