Will it be worth it?

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Hello guys,

I'm currently at UIUC studying Econometrics. I'm applying for a transfer to Wharton, Stern, and Northwestern with the following stats. Do I have a shot at getting in? And do you think it's worth it? I'm looking to get into Private Equity and IBD, but I also have an interest in consulting.

High School: 40/45 IB Points (6s in HL Physics, HL English Lang Lit, HL Econ, SL Maths, SL Chinese B + 7 in SL Chemistry)
SAT: 1440/1600 (790 in Maths, and 650 in English, and 14/24 in Essay)
SAT Subject Tests: 720 in Chemistry and 740 in Maths Level 2
College GPA: 3.77 for first Freshman Semester (As in everything except A- in Economic Stats and a B+ in Physics 211)

I don't know if I should stay at UIUC and network, or request a transfer to the above universities. I am aware of the opportunities UIUC offers for jobs in Chicago, and have been told by many that a transfer won't make any tangible difference to my chances at landing a job at a bank like JP Morgan or Morgan Stanley.

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Jan 4, 2019