I just recently got an offer from a BB for junior IBD SA. I've been asking around and I'm a bit worried that my offer will be rescinded.

I am a transfer student, but I didn't include my old school on my resume. I have a good GPA at the target school I'm studying in, but it is only based off of one semester. Also, I included a line under education that says "Relevant Coursework" and the line includes classes that I have taken at my old university as well.

Now I've been talking to some friends and they say this is extremely deceptive and that its very likely I'll get my offer rescinded.

What is my best course of action? Should I contact HR and tell them that I did not think it was necessary to list because I didn't get a degree from the old school? Can I argue that my previous work experience and my personality was what made the analysts like me and not my previous education? Is it wise to just ignore this completely and risk having the offer rescinded when background checks are being completed and hiring everywhere else is already finished?

(The offer was for a regional office if that changes anything and my transfer school along with credits was on the unofficial transcript that I submitted with my application. Although I doubt anyone read that....)

Please give me some advice! Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Calm down definitely not. You said it yourself that you submitted a transcript from your old school with the application. If they ever said anything you could easily reference that

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Interviews haven't even started yet and you got an offer? Is this accelerated?


you're fine

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To reiterate others, you're fine. Congrats on the offer. To the other poster: it does seem quite early in the game, although interviews have started for BB London offices.


It doesn't sound deceptive to me, at least not enough to get your offer rescinded. BTW, I know some people who got BB IBD SA offers in new york office.


Chill man, they won't rescind you over that. Congrats on the offer!


Thanks for the reassurance. This is for a regional office that I networked to get interviews so it would earlier. Most of my upcoming interviews are in December/January.

So in conclusion, would it be dumb of me to email the recruiter and mention that I didn't include my previous school on my resume? I feel like then the recruiter might forward the information to the whole team and they could decide altogether to rescind my offer.

What if I do accept the offer and let this play out without saying anything. I believe background checks are around April/May. If I do get my offer rescinded in May it will be way to late for me to get an internship at any reputable bank.


I don't think that you need to do anything. If they specifically ask you to submit the other transcript, then do so.


relax, CV is a marketing tool

you can put it so it works to your advantage
you didnt lie, you did best to your knowledge


bump, hoping to get a solid answer.

should I just not do anything then?

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