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I just finished an internship at a BB and received a FT offer. During recruitment, I had my major GPA listed on my resume (which I calculated at ~3.4) however my cumulative is a 2.9 (got hurt on a religion course and an economics course). I didn't think I'd get the internship but I did, and they never asked for my transcript though I signed a contract giving them the right to confirm my education. Now I got the FT offer with a year left of school, and am sure as a bulge bracket they'll ask for my official transcript upon graduation. I'm nervous considering they'll see the 2.9. Also, if it makes a difference, the FT position and internship didn't have a minimum GPA, and I was actually never asked about it either during the process (I got in through networking). I'm also coming from a target school, had good reviews as an intern, and have a couple months to accept. So what do I do/what should I expect? In my mind, I can do one of three things:

1) Bank on my remaining two semesters being strong and finish with a 3.2 (I'm top heavy on credits so it is possible though not likely). Then I'm not sure there would be an issue. OR hope they just don't ask for the transcript or check the GPA (as in they just want to confirm my graduation).

2) Just turn down the offer and recruit somewhere else without any GPA advertised.

3) Email HR and make sure they understand I was only referring to my major GPA (my resume does in fact say "Major GPA" but on the app when your resume gets uploaded, it just says GPA). Then explain the scenario, and hope they understand.

If they're going to rescind it, I'd rather just turn down the offer or find out now so I can focus on getting another job. If they aren't going to check GPA, ask for a transcript, or care about it period, then I'd like to accept the offer and move on. Any thoughts?

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Aug 18, 2018 - 3:42pm

I went on a GPA calculator website, and from what I calculated, if you took 20 classes (5 per semester for 2 years), and got 5 As, 2 D's, and the rest B's, you'd have a 3.05 GPA. Would you say you're a good student? You seem like a smart guy having got an internship at a BB and going to a target school, but are you sure you did your calculations correct?

Aug 18, 2018 - 4:00pm

Well my cumulative GPA is where its at because across the board I've received mostly B's and B+'s with a couple C's in the courses I mentioned and a few A's in some other courses. Never received below a C, and just don't have that many A's. I think that explains your question around the calculations (if not I can expand or PM). Ultimately I'd say I'm pretty smart but dealt with a couple personal issues my sophomore year which impacted my performance. Also, my school doesn't incorporate the freshman year grades (they changed this this year but I'm a senior so not included) which is unfortunate because I had a 3.6 my second semester. Originally I didn't have my GPA on my resume until I was told to throw on a "major gpa" by an upperclassmen for recruitment when I was a junior. All that being said, do you have a perspective on the situation? Any thoughts on how I should handle it?

Aug 21, 2018 - 11:45pm


Originally I didn't have my GPA on my resume until I was told to throw on a "major gpa" by an upperclassmen for recruitment when I was a junior. All that being said, do you have a perspective on the situation? Any thoughts on how I should handle it?

It seems fine. You can put your major GPA on your resume if you want.

Its a bit odd to put it alone I think and I personally listed both, but as long as you labeled it "Major" GPA or "Finance" GPA, etc. You're good. Its not like you lied on your resume or anything and acted like your major GPA was your cumulative GPA.

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Aug 18, 2018 - 11:30pm

Well, I'm not a professional, nor a recruiter, so I can't offer you sound advice. To be honest, the error could logically be placed on both of you. Them, for the reason that they were not specific with regard to what GPA they required. And you, in the sense that, if I was asked for my "GPA" without being specified, I would have listed my cumulative. So a misunderstanding on your part, perhaps. My best advice, seeing how I'm not qualified, nor do I want to guide you further here, is just to learn from this to be better-positioned to handle ambiguity in the future.

Aug 20, 2018 - 11:42am

If you received an FT offer after an internship, that means they like you and appreciate your performance. Unless there is explicit mention in the FT offer letter regarding a required GPA threshold upon graduation, I don't see how or why they would rescind the offer.

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