William Blair vs. Baird vs. FT Partners

Wondering about everyone's thoughts on the following three banks and locations for a 2019 IB Analyst Internship: Baird Milwaukee, William Blair Chicago, FT Partners San Francisco.

I'm interested to hear people's thoughts and experiences at the companies, cities, and advice you may have on deciding between them.

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Jun 17, 2018

Would recommend avoiding Milwaukee unless you have connections there already. As somebody who works in a city that most people don't try to end up and isn't one that is a major finance hub, I see a lot of my coworkers who didn't have connections here find it a bit tough to adapt to at first. I personally had connections to where I am now and love it there, but am pretty sure I would enjoy it less if I didn't have those connections.

That said, if you do end up in Milwaukee, definitely do give it a chance instead of writing it off immediately.

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Jun 18, 2018

Totally agree. One other thing with Milwaukee though is that Baird's HQ is in Milwaukee so you would get a lot of exposure to some of the chief people at Baird (or so one would think). However, do keep in mind that it will be harder to recruit for positions outside of Milwaukee (think in terms of interviewing and the fact that being in NY or another big city when recruiting for say PE jobs in the same city is much easier).

Jun 18, 2018

Great point on the interviewing - definitely something to consider as well.

Jun 18, 2018

Both very valid points. I was in the same shoes as you a few years back - juggling internships in similar cities. Ended up choosing Baird Milwaukee with no real idea as to what to expect, but am extremely glad that I did!

As far as interviewing/exposure goes, if you're good you won't have any issues with that. I know of a handful of analysts who have left for firms in major cities for both lateral positions and buy-side roles.

Also, can't beat the cost of living!

Jun 18, 2018