Winning a Start-up challenge- What will be MBBs perspective

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Recently in April, I won a popular $100,000 start-up challenge held amongst all business schools in the U.S at my school(target). It had to do with a medical device to prevent cervical cancer for women in the developing countries which I have been working on since last september. I am pursuing that part time and will soon hand over the infrastructure to local hospitals in places like Haiti and Honduras. We have done most of the hardwork since last september and hopefully will acheive lowering the mortality rate by more than 19000 women in five years in Haiti, Honduras and Tanzania alone.
The Start-Up challenge seeks to create sustainable social ventures based on innovative health care technologies that address the medical needs of those most in need in the developing world. I am interning at a BB asset mgmt division.

Although, I have been most interested in pursuing MBB consulting firms, they are very few in number and no ideal profile. I concentrated on one sector;corporate finance and have been passionate about whatever I am doing.

What will be the perception when I start applying and speaking to the alums and recruiters at MBBs about my profile? Will they all be same?

Thank you.

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Jul 21, 2007

You already asked that question but relating to BBs. The answers are going to be the same...

Jul 21, 2007