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I had some questions about Moelis' Capital Markets capabilities. I know that they don't have a balance sheet so they don't actually have any debt or equity offerings but they do offer advisory for capital raises. I wanted to see how that process works in an EB like Moelis.

Also, would like to know how an Analyst and Summer Intern really gets involved in that process. I know that with their NYC and LA offices they say that both roles are M&A and RX specific. Does that mean that they don't actually work on mandates outside of that? (i.e. equity and debt offerings)

Looking forward to getting some answers, thanks a lot in advance!

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Jun 9, 2019

Moelis has a ~15 person capital markets team in NY. Couple analysts each year dedicated specifically to capital markets, but as a generalist you could definitely be staffed on a capital raise as well and leverage the group's resources. As an intern you'll do do whatever interns do.

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Jun 9, 2019

As mentioned above, Moelis is a pure-play strategic advisory firm, so they don't actually underwrite debt or equity issuances. However, their Capital Markets team advises on everything from private placements to IPO's and exchange offerings.

For an illustrative IPO, the CM team at Moelis would be actively engaged throughout the process, from structuring the offer to determining timing and valuation. They would then run the underwriter and syndicate selection process and bring in balance sheet banks for financing capabilities and provide additional oversight over the marketing materials and roadshow.

All Moelis analysts are product generalists and are expected to perform the full analyst responsibilities on any transaction they're staffed on, whether that's an M&A, restructuring, or cap markets deal. Bankers at the associate level start to specialize.

As mango said above, intern responsibilities will vary greatly.

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Feb 12, 2020