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I was just at an exam where I fucked up immensely on an easy test because I misread the question. This is a class that's not curved, and because of this exam, the highest grade I could get in the class is a 85 which equates to a B (although based on the ease of the course, I could very well get this score)

I'm just wondering if it's worth withdrawing from this class as a result because of the effect it might have on my cumulative GPA (which is high enough to be dropped a fair number by a B or B- in this class).

  • I'm in Wharton, I don't really need an MBA or any other graduate degree
  • Most job applications just want to see your GPA on your resume, not your transcript. Since a W doesn't affect my GPA, it might be better for my cumulative to withdraw.

Does a W Look Bad on My Transcript?

Our users shared that withdrawing from a class will not hurt your GPA and can be a smart way to protect your GPA as long as you do not rack up too many withdraws. Users generally believe that 2 or fewer withdraws will not be an issue for grad school programs or for banks, especially since many banks do not even ask for a transcript.

LB Banker:

I have a W on my transcript and it didn't hurt by doing so. My GPA was still high so as long as you can justify it, don't worry.

User @BrokenIncome shared that there won't be an impact on dean's list eligibility.


Additionally a "W" should not impact dean's list eligibility at all, as long as you don't drop below the minimum hours because you're not taking the class.


1 W doesn't matter. My roommate withdrew from a class... had no problems getting offers at many banks (even the ones that request your transcripts, usually don't look at them). More than 2 W's over your 4 years might raise some eyebrows with grad school, but messing up 1 class and having to withdraw is not a big deal at all, assuming an otherwise strong academic record (which it sounds like you have).

User @luke77, an investment banking analyst, shared that there shouldn't be an impact to grad school applications:

luke77 - Investment Banking Analyst:

So are you concerned about a W hurting your job applications, or MBA app down the road? If it's the former, I can't imagine that it would hurt you - half the banks I interviewed at didn't even ask for transcripts, and I doubt the other ones went through it with a fine-toothed comb. Maybe someone else can speak to the MBA app situation, but from what I understand your academic transcript isn't all that important for business school, especially compared to law or medical school.

Check out a video on the topic below.

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