Wolfy's travels: If broke in HKG, LHR--where would you go?

Senior year (May 09), I couldn't go backpacking.

A lot of shit happened in between, got international work experience, and now I'm applying for grad school.

10 days left in Singapore, my goal is to get a new degree and ALSO see places I'll never see again.

Hope you guys can fill in the "must see," "must do's" on a very tight budget in Hong Kong and London/France.


7 days Hong Kong -- crashing at my best friend's place. -- possible interviews

4 days in London -- sleeping with 3 other strangers at a $25 hostel. -- to visit LSE/LBS

3 days taking the Eurostar, going as far as I can to Paris, then making it back to LHR -> BOS. -- because I've never been there.

Saved enough for flight back to bean town; total airfare PEK-HKG-LHR-BOS $900.


Where to go? What to do? Any places to meet people? I'll try to interview at the same time.

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