Work Experience Advice - IT auditing good enough for b-school?

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Hello all!

Longtime lurker, first time poster here. So I currently work in Big 4 Advisory as an IT auditor. I am not a fan of the work and I really want out. My true aspirations are to go to b-school and get into consulting. That said, have a few questions if anyone could provide insight:

1) How do top b-schools usually perceive IT auditors?
2) Would it be better to try for an analyst position in consulting now and leave IT audit altogether?
3) Or does it look better to suck it up for a couple more years (with promotion) and then apply?

Thanks for any input!

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Aug 26, 2014

Veering a bit off, but what about IT Audit in Big 4 do you not like? Hours, repetitive work, growth prospects?

Were you considering analyst position in consulting group of the same firm or is that difficult to move to?

I ask because I am considering IT Audit at Big 4, coming from project controls consulting. While it would be nice to get compliance audit experience under my belt, I can't imagine doing that for many years.

Aug 29, 2014