Work Experiences available Freshamens in a 4 year degree

I just had my first day at the university today, and I'm interested in applying for great experiences that can go into my CV/Resume as a freshman of a 4-year degree. As you may deduce, I'm interested in Investment Banking. Aside from virtual certifications like Bloomberg Markets Concepts, applying for a Virtual Insight Series (at Goldman Sachs for example), Language fluency certificates, getting into university clubs, other online courses, etc... What face-to-face, activities are available for freshmen? Because it seems that for every internship, short or long, the requirement is to be a second-year student (sophomore) or onwards. Literally, anything good that I can put in my CV during spring break or summer 2022, both if possible. What do you recommend? Especially good if it can be in London, UK. 

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Sep 6, 2021 - 9:02pm

So you could try to do spring weeks or summer internships two years running (bit dodgy but if you decide IB isn't for you then it means you have plenty of time left in your degree to work out what else you want to do, also you can build up lots of experience for la CV). Bank of England summer internship also possible.

Edit: forgot to mention that in London it takes 3 years to get a degree (4 years to get a degree + a masters). So it's common to apply for spring weeks while you're a freshman.

Sep 7, 2021 - 4:28am

You can apply and get internships as a 1st year in the UK. For all europe (including uk) for IB you have to apply through the website but if you are interested in any other finance internships you can try to email smaller offices and network (this worked for me).

Oct 13, 2021 - 8:56am

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