Working abroad- how difficult?

How difficult would it be to work abroad after my mba program for a multinational company? Is it extremely difficult to get a Visa for South America/ Europe/Asia? Thanks.

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Dec 31, 1969

I did a semester abroad in Sweden during my bachelors and did my masters in the Netherlands. If you go over with an open mind, you'll fucking love it. Don't forget to get out or you'll hate it.

Dec 31, 1969

The 4 places you have offices are all great. I spent a year as a university exchange student in Singapore and it was the best year of my life, it probably did help that I was always with other student so I don't know about from the professional point of view. But the city (country) is very modern, has a fair bit to do, the weather is good (30 degrees Celsius everyday of the year, but high humidity), awesome bars, etc.
The main downside of Singapore in my opinion is how strict it is.
The main upside is the location, traveling around S-E Asia is cheap and Singapore is smack in the middle.

Hong Kong is a bit more fun but not as modern or clean as Singapore on a whole, I only went for a few days to visit a friend but I wouldn't mind living there for a while.

Germany, welllll some people such as myself love it, others hate it. The language might be the biggest problem although they tend to speak decent English. If you love beer, meat and football (soccer) then you will have a blast, that was my experience for my month in Munich anyway. Again, I wouldn't mind living there.

Switzerland I don't really know much about the culture or lifestyle as I only go when I go on ski holidays, it's a beautiful country but as I said I don't know what else to really tell you. They speak French, German and Italian depending on the area (Italian isn't as common though), but English should be enough to get by, like in Germany.

So that's my short opinion on each place, all good places to live I would expect.
Definitely travel if you get the chance, you'll broaden your mind, live new experiences and meet people from different cultures. It's the best thing you can to whilst you're young.

Dec 31, 1969

i'm doing SA IBD at a BB in Singapore this summer, so it's definitely doable. i have two prior summers of work experience in SG so maybe that was a factor (proving i'm not just doing this to be novel, actually interested in the region, etc).

SG has some specific visas available for college students who go to accredited universities (specifically the top 200 universities in the world by a list the Ministry of Manpower links to) but my bank is setting up a Visa for me. not all banks are the same--i had a couple places ask me repeatedly if they would need to sponsor me. so being able to say that i was familiar with the process and had a work holiday pass was necessary for me to be considered at all.

in general it isn't cheap to sponsor a ton of people with these visas so obviously the bigger the bank the better in terms of getting sponsorship

Dec 31, 1969