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I have been contacted by a big4 to work in tax, I applied in their consulting department with a finance background, I don't really understand why they contacted me for this post anyway I have some questions for you guys.
Please note that this job would be based in London (if it makes any difference with the USA).
How closely related to accounting is a career in tax ? I see everywhere that they both go "hand in hand" and certifications seems quite close. Given that I wasn't a big fan of accounting taxes I don't think that tax will be a good fit right ? Does it depends on your area of specialty ?

Is the job interesting ?

What are the main differences with audit ? I mean on the job, not regarding career/pay or exit opps that I think I know pretty much.

What area of specialities seems to have a bright future ? I see that tax structuring was very popular before 2007 but everywhere their have been big rounds of layoffs and it doesn't seems to be picking up again am I right ?

Thanks for your help,

PS: I have read a ton of advices on the internet, what I would appreciate is honest feedback from people who work(ed) in the field.

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Jun 8, 2015
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