Working @ MM firm in China


Here is my current situation:
-3.4 GPA, non-target, B.S. Management
-Just graduated, no job
-great international experience (Mandarin, Cantonese)

My eventual goal is to work the S in S&T or m&a

I am looking at a opportunity with a MM "firm in China. The firm has 2 main lines of business:
1. a dominating regional (by regional, think West Coast size) retail brokerage presence
2. full-service IPO "factory" - pumping out Chinese companies with cooked books onto chinese exchanges

I can get into #2. I think I can spin a good story around it, but it doesn't change the fundamentals of what goes on there. What do you guys think?

My other options are Microfinance in China (although I cannot pull up good resources/contacts through Google), and TFA (I think I can be competitive because of several connections)

My goal right now is to build a resume for business school. Truth be told, my resume out of undergrad sucked because I never focused on one thing.

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