Worth Letting Network Know About Your Offers?

Is it worth telling your entire network about an offer that can't be leveraged? Does it still show you are competitive and your continued interest for X firm?

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May 3, 2021 - 11:55pm

Kind of a note on networking but it feels applicable: a high-up MD told me a while ago that you should think of yourself as a corporation, and within your network should be a board of directors. The parallels are everywhere: These are the people you trust with information on your salary, long-term goals, growth/exit opps, and interviews/offers. Like a good BoD, both sides have to want to be there, don't just spill this stuff to a random alumni from your school. It also actually does help to have a diverse board, not just people from 1 industry/career path.

TLDR: Absolutely, but make sure it's a close connection. I was in a situation where I had very different 3 offers and the conversations I had with 2 people made a huge difference in what I chose

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