Worth transferring to target after sophomore year?

Hey guys,
I'm currently deciding between transferring from my non-target state school to either Vanderbilt or UNC. I have a 4.0 at my current university, am involved in every finance-related club on campus, including the investment fund, and will be interning at two different local REPE firms this summer. Regardless, it seems like students are not taken seriously, and those who do place into roles after graduation are far and few (maybe 3,4 students a year). Do you think that it's even worth transferring after sophomore year anymore? 

I have heard that having a 4.0 at a non-target is as good as a 3.5 from a target, but I'm worried that my efforts will be for nothing. Alumni are very supportive, but student resources are fucking awful to the point that I had to explain what investment banking was to them. UNC is in state for me, and Vanderbilt seems like it would be very similar for recruiting, but I am hesitant to leave during the cycle for summer 2022. 

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I am open to suggestions. 

Thanks all!

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