Would active duty officer experience help me?

Hello, so a little background on myself. I attended school in nyc, not a target but a reputable city school. While in undergrad, I did not care about school and always found that everything I ever needed to do in IB, research etc.. I had to teach myself which resulted in a poor GPA. < 3.0. Did do two internships which weren't at great firms but I do talk about what I did during interviews as well as present things I've done on my own such as my own research report. Its not perfect but it shows I do try and can explain concepts and why I wrote things, I have been interviewing here and there for a few gigs as an investment analyst, research and a few IB positions mostly do to my military experience (6 years in the Army reserves) and networking ability, yet nothing has come in forms of a good job offer. I was rejected from a few military programs BB's have for not being an officer even though I was in charge of a squad for 4 years. I know my GPA plays against me and it is not on my resume but yet I have landed a few good interviews at good firms without it and seems like my resume is good enough to land interviews but yet I am not landing the jobs. My thinking is, I'm competing against someone who attend a ivy league and actually shows their good gpa. So eventually I get cut off. It's been almost 7 months now since I've graduated and I work in a non related finance role as a temp while I continue to pursue "wall street" positions. I have been starting to think about joining the Army again, this time active duty as an officer for a few years then trying grad school where I will definitely actually care about my grades. My fear is that if I continue to not land a decent starting role somewhere that could lead to front officer it will get more and more difficult. My thinking is being an active duty officer for a few years will help get into a decent grad school. Which I can then "start over" and network and try to get an internship then get a job offer. Is that a good plan? Anyone ever been in my shoes? I plan to continue to apply and interview till the fall and if nothing, then probably go sign up. My chances of getting into a semi target increase if I go the officer route for like 4 years? I'll still be under 30 years of age when I finish my contract.

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Feb 11, 2019