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  • Intern in IB - Ind
Jul 29, 2020

I got the fraternity handshake with the MD but can't do it over zoom

  • Prospect in Other
Jul 30, 2020

Please dap up your VP and if it's a girl grab her ass, but if it's a dude then ball tap him.

    • 2
Jul 30, 2020

My SMD? No, though happy hour and maybe going a bit overboard on food costs is fine. My old SVP? Joked that he was making a bad call putting the metal card in the bag for credit card roulette after having drinks, (I was right) but still wouldn't.

Jul 30, 2020

Have I ever got shitfaced with him and told him about my embarassing lays in college? If not, these hands stay professional and only fist bump the wall in rage when Excel crashes again.

Vincet Voluntas - Will shall win

Jul 31, 2020