Would you hire my foreigner wife (Analyst at BB PE arm)?

I am relocating from Asia to the US, in a REPE shop in a new role, from Asia.

I have to consider the options for my wife in, in terms of competency for US employment.

To sum up, she is an Analyst at a BB principal investment group, which has somewhat of a "prestige" looking at this forum.
Drawback is that she is a foreigner and English is semi fluent at best.

So, would you be up to interview her if you come across her resume?

- BB Principal Investment (PE arm), illiquid investments. Job market wise, employees here would only leave for Blackstone or Carlyle.
- Modeling skills
- Experience in M&A
- Has work permit, no visa concerns

- English is semi-fluent. Think: your Asian foreign exchange student in college or average French person in your Paris office. GMAT 600+. Can read finance-related contracts in English. She enjoys Gossip Girl, but movies like Wall Street or Margin Call will confuse her.
- Asian college, liberal arts undergrad. Best in country but no one in US would probably recognize the school
- Relatively junior. Mid-20s, 3 years in BB, 4 years in industry in total

Wanting to get in, by preferability:
1. AM arms of BBs or boutiques (like GSAM, Lazard AM)
2. Other illiquid buyside roles (Sourcing or post-investment AM)
3. Consulting: Thought they may be more open to general competency
4. Big 4 Consulting or FAS: Probably choose your stay in Asia if this is her best shot.

If her chances are low she would stay, she would rather brush up her English, and get an MBA.
She already earns 140+k in her junior role while I'm an associate and get 100k. Given this, she would only apply for roles with at least 60-80k.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Jan 13, 2020 - 10:48pm

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