Would you pursue a relationship/ marry this Tinder girl.

So a while back I met a girl in Netherlands on Tinder. 


chrisrian arab political asylum applicants to Netherlands of Middle East origin 

Ex Deloitte employee 

got laid off during covid. Now working in a warehouse . Huge step back as a blue collar emp from Deloitte I guess. 

  1. very intelligent loyal in responding calling 

2.beautiful face little chubby 

  1. slept with a few guys and with strong sexual appetite 

  2. claims to be a good Christian 

  3. does not seem focused on building a serious career

  4. degree in accounting 

  5. When I confronted her about her casual sexual encounters she's like dude I'm 28 from Netherlands I fuck so what do you know how culture here is. 

she and I get along well. Both are minorities in the west. I could connect on that basis. 

when I confronted her about her asking for a dick pic she's like I'm not a thot. 

she's not your typical tinder trash. She has no tattooes, dresses well and is extremely well spoken and knowledgeable about world politics and well travelled and very presentable to parents anywhere.

what troubles me is she asked me for a dick pic but claims her request and casual sexual encounters of the past are not proof of her being a thot or a hoe. 

mind you this is not a scam or a tatooed


  1. I've been speaking calling for a year 

  2. she's very well dressed and well spoken 

  3. I have her passport data

  4. I've met her physically and she checks out 

I like her but as a virgin and high income professional I see:

A. Zero career focus 

B. Huge concern in her saying my sexual past is the past I will be faithful to you (can someone who asked for a dick pic be faithful) 

C. She has three siblings. 2 parents. I doubt they saved anything in Netherlands as it's high income tax and they left the Middle East in a war period. THeir house is nice but they're of modest financial status given they have w Kia and the father had to support three kids. 

d. She very nonchalantly blames me for talking  about : 

her asking for a dick pic not equating to trashy behavior 

me being concerned she could have an extra marital affair 

me claiming her interest in sexual topics alarms me. 

bottom line is the person is good we get along well and we've been talking for a while now but I feel like she's a total hoe and skank and her saying yeah I'm 28 I fuck doesn't make her marriage material also her failing career is a blight. she went from Big Four to warehouse worker . 

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Comments (5)

Nov 25, 2021 - 1:05pm

If she's on Tinder in 2021 she's a whore. Absolutely no exception. No amount of mental gymnastics can prove otherwise. Know this when you choose.

Also OP it looks like you have little to no experience with women. Stop writing walls of text on WSO asking for confirmation that she's a total prostitute (she is), you just pump and dump her like the 50 guys before you and you move on.

Nov 25, 2021 - 1:05pm

Urban college educated middle class? 

Real body count is at least 20+. 


Never discuss with idiots, first they drag you at their level, then they beat you with experience.

Nov 25, 2021 - 1:05pm

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