Would you quit your current job and take another job in a completely different industry for double the salary?

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I was offered a position with a buddy of mine in the Natural Gas industry working on the job site in a non labor intensive role. The role would require managing equipment coming on and off the job site and confirming project completions.

The position is a 60-80 hour a week gig with pay in the in the high 100K area with most of my personal expenses paid for. This is easily doubling my current salary.

The part I would like some of your input on is what does this do to my long term job prospects if a year or two from now (after I have a nice nest egg of cash) when I want to reenter the real estate market.

For guys hiring, what are your thoughts of a guy quitting his job in real estate, taking a job in the middle of nowhere in an unrelated industry, collecting a $175K paycheck, and then trying to reenter real estate?

FWIW, I am a couple years out of college and currently work as an Asset Manager.