Would you take it? Aurora Cannabis

Hi Guys - I haven't been here since 2016 but figured you would be the best mix of people to help me figure this out.

Senior Manager with Big 4 Consulting (Strategy/Ops), and was just approached for a Director role with Aurora Cannabis. Pay is maybe ~10-15% more and hours better. But I'm more interested in what you think about Aurora's potential.

I'm in a great place at the firm, but the VP I'll be reporting to is probably done in 2-3 years (well off, this is a passion project for him), and what people think the future of this industry is (if the US legalizes there would be options there, or maybe get bought out by a well financed US firm).

As a well read group, with a lot of opinions and knowledge, is this a good move?

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Mar 10, 2019